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Teen Skipper debuted in 1997 with both head and body marked © 1995. The same head mold was used on Barbie's friend Becky (1997-1999) and the African-American version of Happy Family Midge (2002-2004). Other dolls that have used the Teen Skipper body include Generation Girls Tori, Chelsie, and Mari (1999-2001), Mystery Squad Kenzie (2002), and Princess of Japan (2003).

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Teen Skipper (also Courtney and Nikki)

Year: 1997
Includes: Doll, jeans, cropped top, swimsuit bottoms, sneakers, sunglasses, vinyl school bag, rub-on tattoos for child, sticker tattoos for doll, hairbrush

Pearl Beach Teen Skipper

Year: 1997
Includes: Doll, bathing suit, hairbrush, faux pearl child-size ring

Extreme Green Teen Skipper

Year: 1998
Includes: Doll, bracelet, overalls, T-shirt, hat, shoes, purse, hairbrush, hair colorant liquid

Cool Sitter Teen Skipper (also African-American)

Year: 1998
Includes: Doll, shirt, pants, shoes, 4 baby dolls, 4 diapers, carrier, basket, 2 blankets, 2 bottles, 2 rattles, hairbrush
KB Toys later sold this doll with two babies instead of four

Florida Vacation Skipper

Year: 1998
Includes: Doll, bathing suit, sunglasses, 3 bracelets, hairbrush

Totally Yo-Yo Skipper (also Courtney and Nikki)

Year: 1999
Includes: Doll, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 YoYo attachments, bag, mirror, brush
KB Toys later sold the foreign market version of this doll, which included a real yo-yo

Pajama Fun Skipper (also Courtney and Nikki)

Year: 1999
Includes: Doll, nightgown, robe, slippers, sleeping bag, pillow, Date Ball, 3 hair squigglies, hairbrush
KB Toys later sold scaled-down versions of Skipper and Nikki in narrower boxes, without the sleeping bag, pillow, or slippers

Hawaii Skipper

Year: 1999
Includes: Doll, bathing suit, sunglasses, hairbrush

Let's Drive Gift Set

Year: 2000
Includes: Barbie and Skipper dolls, hairbrush, car, stickers, driver handbook, traffic and warning sign charts, driver's license, insurance card, first aid kit, cell phone, orange safety cones
Toys R Us Exclusive

Fashion Party Teen Skipper (also Courtney and Nikki)

Year: 2000
Includes: Doll, shrug, tunic, tube top, pants, shoes, dress, blow dryer, brush, lipstick, perfume, make-up pod with holder and applicator, purse

Palm Beach Skipper

Year: 2001
Includes: Doll with painted-on swimsuit top, fabric shorts

Skipper as Velma

Year: 2002
Includes: Doll, dress, shoes, socks, glasses, dog

Rio de Janeiro Skipper

Year: 2002
Includes: Doll, bathing suit, sunglasses

Pajama Fun Tote (Also African-American)

Year: 2003
Includes: Barbie and Skipper dolls, hairbrush, carrying case, boom box, soda bottle, drinking glasses, cell phone, lamp, cereal box, mug
Wal-Mart Exclusive, later sold at KB Toys



Skipper is absent from the Barbie line, though occasional uses of the head mold are observed. Head molds throughout the playline are inflated.



The face is familiar, but...



The end of an era



The Teen Skipper head mold appears in the Barbie Collector line for the first time, with Chile Barbie, University of Alabama Barbie, and Spain Barbie.





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