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Gallery of Redressed Dolls

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These three girls are pretty inseparable!

Teen Skipper, Nikki, and Courtney

Totally Yo-Yo Courtney, Skipper, and Nikki

Cool Sitter "Nikki" (AA Skipper), "Courtney" (Rio Skipper), and Skipper

Pajama Fun Skipper, Nikki, and Courtney


The three girls can't always be together, and of course they also enjoy hanging out pairs. Skipper also likes to spend time with her little sister. Skipper was robbed of her planned boyfriend Zach, but she and Blaine make a cute couple. Nikki and Courtney pair up nicely with two of Hasbro's S Club 7 guys.

Pajama Party Tote Skipper and "Nikki" (AA Skipper)

Hawaii Skipper and "Courtney" (Share a Smile Becky)

Skipper as Velma with her "Mini-Me" Kelly

Dance Party Blaine and Fashion Party Skipper

S Club 7 Paul and Fashion Party Courtney

S Club 7 Brad and Fashion Party Nikki


Finally, here are the lone Skippers in my collection

Pearl Beach Skipper

Florida Skipper

Extreme Green Skipper

Palm Beach Skipper

Let's Drive Skipper

Bridesmaid Skipper



  1. Totally Yo-Yo Skipper, Nikki, and Courtney received body transplants from Cool Sitter Skipper, AA Cool Sitter Skipper, and Dance Party Tori, respectively. Palm Beach Skipper received a body transplant from Fashion Party Courtney, Rio Skipper from Dance Party Mari, Share a Smile Becky from Teen Skipper, and Bridesmaid Skipper from Pajama Fun Skipper.
  2. Cool Sitter Skipper, Share a Smile Becky, and Fashion Party Courtney are wearing Barbie FAs. AA Pajama Fun Tote Skipper is wearing a My Scene fashion. S Club 7 Brad is wearing Ken's half of a Ken and Tommy Matching Style FA. S Club 7 Paul is wearing a post-FA Ken fashion.
  3. Thanks to Jef (Keeping Ken) for the prototype photo of Zach. Jef's site also has more information about Blaine and the S Club 7 dolls.





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