Character Dolls and Other Oddities

Information courtesy of Thirty Years of Mattel Fashion Dolls by J. Michael Augustyniak

1987 Skipper Head Mold

Alice in Wonderland (Year Unknown)


Flying Tinker Bell (1993)
Flying Tinker Bell (1997 Toys R Us Exclusive)


Flying Wendy (1993)

1993 Skipper Head Mold

Flying Wendy (1997 Toys R Us Exclusive)


TPH Club Maria (2001)

This doll was purchased by Richard from the Netherlands on a trip to Spain. He sent these photos of the Maria doll and her box. "TPH Club" appears to be a Spanish television show. If anyone has additional information, feel free to contact me.

Unique Head Molds on Skipper Bodies

Japanese Butterfly Skipper (1974)


Fashion Friends Pretty Teen (1990 K-Mart Exclusive)





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